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Malayalam movie "Kumbasaram" starring Jayasurya and Honey Rose in the lead finally hit screens on 22 May and it looks likes director Aneesh Anwar has managed to impress critics with his latest film. They have also rated Jayasurya's performance in the film as one of his best in recent times.

Like his previous movie "Zachariyayude Garbhanikal', Aneesh's new flick deals with emotions and its complexities.

The story revolves around Alby (Jayasurya), an autodriver, his wife Meera (Honey Rose) and their only son Jerry (Akash), who leads a content life, despite their financial struggle. But life turns upside down for them after Jerry is diagnosed with cancer. Alby's long struggle to get his son cured and the problems she endures during the course form the crux of the movie. 

One actor who truly impresses with his performance is Jayasurya. There are some heart-touching performances by others as well.

Here are the reviews of "Kumbasaram" by critics.

Lensmen Review

Aneesh Anwar's typical treatment using slow motions throughout with some glossy scenes in between is been followed here as well. As the tone of the movie is a debate between hope and misery, that style of making is convincing. In the writing part, I really feel that he should lessen the melodrama in dialogues at least when the actors aren't that great.

The dialogues he has written for Jerry may have the content to give the boy that selfless attire, but in a way it goes to that level of too less innocence on a child. On a screenplay level I thought he could have reduced the scenes that were used to make us feel the condition of Alby's family. Alby's cinematography is wonderful as almost every frame captures our interest.

The music sounds good in the movie but the kind of auto tuned singing is becoming too excessive in Vishnu Mohan Sithara's compositions and the styles of songs are also repetitive. Edits were good and the background score was also nice.


Jayasurya excelled in the role of Alby, his mannerisms and body language suited well with his character in the movie Kumbasaaram. Honey Rose also did justice to her role of the wife. Other important roles are played by Vineeth, Shanavas, Priyanka, Tini Tom etc and they all have done good jobs in this family thriller. Thus the movie is a 100% family entertainer and the child artists also play an important role in this story.The movie is rich with family sentiments and a number of twists and that makes the movie more interesting.

The movie Kumbasaaram is produced by Niyas Ismail under the banner Frames Inevitable and the technical side of the movie is also perfect. This movie is undoubtedly a great work in its story and the concept. The quality of the movie is also well maintained here and surely it can be considered as the best among Aneesh Anwar' s three movies.Vishnu Mohan Sithara has composed the songs and they are already received well by the audience. The melody number of the movie Kumbasaram, " Nilaa Veyilil " is simply superb. Alby' s cinematography is well good and that made this movie a perfect family thriller without any doubt.


It can be said that Jayasurya is well utilised by the film crew. Alby; the 'handle with care' element of the film, was exceptionally performed by the actor. He also deserves applause for being the part of a 'different way film' from Aneesh Anwar.

Honey Rose, the one who played wife role to Jayasurya has handled the role with intense care; proving her capability to deliver housewife and serious roles; rather than the usual bold characters.

Master Akash who portrayed the son role to Jayasurya and Honey Rose has just done an excellent work; as the character owns its importance in the film.

Other characters by known faces like Vineeth, Shanavas, Tini Tom, Priyanka, Jugru etc are also seems good; as each one posses its own importance in the movie.