Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra Varinder Chawla

Bollywood's leading ladies Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut have landed in a messy catfight, refusing to share the same stage.

The makers of "Krrish 3" are in a fix with the film's female leads being involved in a cold war and refusing to acknowlegde each other's presence.

Priyanka was recently spotted accompanying Hrithik Roshan for the promotion of "Krrish 3" in London. Kangana had attended the film's music launch. But now, the enemy lines have been clearly drawn with Kangana and Priyanka refusing to be seen together during the film's promotions.

"A long itinerary of promotion is being planned involving all the actors but when Priyanka was told about the plans, she told her team that she doesn't want to share the podium with Kangna," a source told  The Times of India.

The report further stated that Priyanka and Kangana have decided to appear in Salman Khan's television show as a celebrity guest, but both actresses will appear separately and in different episodes.

The rivalry comes as surprise since Priyanka shares a good rapport with most of her Bolllywood counterparts. She had even sorted out her differences with Kareena Kapoor.

But it appears that the Priyanaka-Kangana animosity has a far deeper connotation, which dates back to Kangana being offered a meatier role than the former Miss World in "Krrish 3".

Ever since the first trailer of "Krrish 3" was unveiled Kangana has grabbed the limelight. Her role as the evil Kaaya with the looks akin to catwoman has aroused great interest, whereas Priyanka Chopra's goody Jane role as the damsel in distress has done no wonders for her.

Moreover, early reports had stated that Priyanka, unsatisfied with her initial role in the film as compared to Kangana's action laden part, had asked for a more solid part to play. Finally, the actress settled for a double role in the film.

Hence, it seems but natural that Priyanka has every reason to worry with Kangana and her dominating screen presence in the supernatural fiction.

Also, "Krrish 3" is Priyanka and Kangana's second film together post the superhit film Fashion (2008). Ironically, it is a déjà-vu scenario for the heroines, since in the Madhur Bahndarkar film, Priyanka featured as the central lead with Kangana taking on a minor part, and as it seems, in "Krrish 3" it's the other way around. The animosity between the ladies is only obvious.