Hrithik Roshan as Superhero and Vivek Oberoi as evil Kaal  in Krissh 3 (Facebook Krissh 3 Official)
Hrithik Roshan as Superhero and Vivek Oberoi as evil Kaal in Krissh 3Facebook Krissh 3 Official

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi appears to be basking in the glory of his latest film "Krrish 3" in which he played the role of "Kaal" a super villain.

The actor has lapped up some warm reviews for his intense performance. But the "Saathiya" actor believes his performance to be at par with the iconic Joker played by Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight."

"I feel so happy and ecstatic the way the audience has accepted the character of Kaal. Some have complimented my role of Kaal to the legendary Gabbar Singh of 'Sholay' or that of 'Mogambo (Mr India) while others have compared my performance to international level, like that of Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker in 'Batman,'" said Vivek in an interview with

He also added in another interview that his look in Kaal reminded many of established hollywood star Johnny Depp.

Indeed, Vivek's white painted face was a close reminder of Johnny Depp's role of a vampire in Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows." Depp potrayed the role of a cold-dead vampire who is in quest of his lost love. However, the Hollywood star's role had much more depth and offered a delightful insight to the character. 

Meanwhile, Ledger immortalized the evil role of 'Joker' with his grey antics and impeccable screen dominance and even outdid the superhero's role (Batman) in the process.