Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart at Cannes 2018.Getty Images

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart has come a long way from her role of Bella Swan. The American actress has proved to her fans that she can portray different characters and at the same time can openly talk about sensitive issues about women in the entertainment industry.

Kristen Stewart's recent interview with Mastermind magazine, as reported by People, shows her take on the depiction of female sexuality and in a manner of speaking, how she is taking the matters into her own hands. In the interview, she candidly talks about a screenplay she is currently working on, which, according to her, is refreshingly vulgar.

"My favorite line in this movie I'm currently writing is, 'I thought about Sienna Torres and her shoving her hand into my wide-open c*** about as wide as a mouth saying m***f***,' " she recites.

Kristen added that this kind of language or dialogues does not please the audience as they are not comfortable hearing them, but this is the right time to express such emotions.

"There's nothing dirty about it, but I'm definitely going to be vulgar, and I'm definitely going to be completely unabashedly open about the fact that we're entirely sexual beings," she further adds.

Despite working on varied roles in her career, Kristen still thinks that Hollywood has not done a good job of depicting women's sexual desires.

Kristen Stewart
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"Right now, I'm so aware of the fact that we've watched, cinematically, men and their way into their bodies and do physical things that feel fundamental to this male perspective. In every coming of age story we see about a young girl, even if it's the truest, most sincere thing, what's lacking is the physical honesty of actual female experience and the way we discover our bodies. It's like we're scared of using certain words."

After Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart took on more challenging roles. In 2014 Camp X-Ray, she portrayed the role of an Army Private first-class who is placed as a guard at Guantanamo. In 2016's Personal Shopper, she portrayed the role of a young American woman working in Paris as a personal shopper and trying to communicate with her dead twin brother. And in the upcoming film, Lizzie, she will be seen playing the of Bridget Sullivan, a young maid, and Lizzie's love interest. The upcoming biographical drama film is scheduled to release on September 14, 2018.