Scott Disick
Scott DisickInstagram/KourtneyKardashian

Rumour has it that trouble is brewing between Kourtney Kardashian and her partner Scott Disick, and the latter's incessant partying is hurting their relationship, as the couple gears up to welcome their third child.

Disick had previously sworn off drinking until Kardashian gave birth to their third child, but he did not keep his promise for long, a new HollywoodLife report claimed. Kardashian is due sometime next month, and the pair is yet to reveal the sex of their third child.

"Scott is partying like crazy, he's raging and Kourtney is not happy about it. He's back at it (partying)," a source told the outlet, adding that he has not mended his ways since being rushed to the hospital on 22 June following alcohol poisoning.

"He parties all the time. He and Kourtney don't even sleep in the same room. He doesn't act like a guy whose about to have another kid at all."

However, news of the two not sleeping together is hardly surprising, as Disick had confessed to their love of sleeping separately in an earlier interview.

"I basically live the life of an 80-year-old," he said, according to HollywoodLife. "We just skipped to that part quicker. Where you always saw your grandparents in two beds in one room. I am very mature. It's really just you get into a habit and then it just becomes your normal thing."

During a recent wild night out, Disick was photographed leering at scantily clad women at a nightclub in Las Vegas, and the photographs of this were put up on the Daily Mail's website. But from the looks of it, Kardashian is far from pissed at her drunken partner's behaviour, as later that night she shared on Instagram a photo of a passed out Disick.

"Looks like @letthelordbewithyou was tired too. Legos, sparkling water, milk duds, boots, sneakers, lap top...the end of our long weekend. #whatAmess #heIsTooCute " she captioned the image.

The following night, the two were spotted cruising around town in a brand new Bugatti Veyron, a car that is said to be priced between $1.7 million and $2.5 million. Later that night he posted a photograph on Instagram of the car parked in his garage with the caption: "Good night little girl."