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Lee Seok-Cheol, the leader of the boy band The East Light, revealed at a press conference about the physical and verbal abuse lashed at the members by the producer and CEO of their agency.

Lee Seok-Cheol and Lee Seung-Hyun have announced to officially file a complaint against Media Line Entertainment's head Kim Chang-Hwan and producer Moon Young Il. The lawyer Jung Ji Suk from Nam Kang Law firm released the band's intention to file a complaint against the agency on violence case. It is noted that the boy band was hit on various occasion using baseball bats and iron rods.

"As the leader of The East Light and a fellow K-pop artist leading Korean culture, I could no longer tolerate the pain that our members were going through". Lee also explained that the boy band has suffered from 2015 until last year in the hands of the producer. Lee explained that the producer made the boys kneel on the floor and hit their "buttocks with baseball bats and iron bars in the recording studio" threatening them with the consequence if they revealed it to anyone," Lee was quoted as Korean Herald.

Lee, whose brother is also a bandmate, revealed that the band members were locked in the recording studio while the produced violently abused them hitting their "heads, thighs, arms and buttocks many times."

Lee claimed that his brother suffered bloody wounds and bruises in his head, and was traumatised by the violence meted out to him. He is currently undergoing psychiatric therapy to help him deal with the trauma. Lee was removed from the boy band as he confronted the producer and took up the matter to the CEO of the agency.

In response to the accusations, the agency released a statement saying that the producer, Moon Young Il, has been penalized, but denied the CEO's involvement in the case. Following audio evidence released by Lee Seok Cheol of the boy band, the agency's CEO officially apologised for their abuse, however, he strongly refuted the audio evidence claiming it to be fake.

The attorney further revealed photographic evidence of injuries sustained by Lee Seung Hyun and stated that the agency's justification cannot justify physical abuse. The lawyer has disclosed additional phone recordings and text message exchanged between with the producer and CEO.