An elderly woman, whose leg was stuck in a train toilet for almost nine hours, was rescued after Konkan Railways detached a coach.

Rabina Sheikh, 65, was travelling from Mumbai to Karmali on the Konkan Kanya Express with her husband Kasam Sheikh. She slipped in the Indian style toilet and her leg got stuck when the train was somewhere between Khed and Chiplun. She had entered the washroom around 4 am. 

Her husband, who was outside, heard her scream and alerted the officials as well as fellow passengers in the train.

"Even though the washroom door was dismantled, and despite the TC, Coach Attendant and co-passengers trying there level best, Sheikh's leg remained stuck in the commode. By then the train had crossed Chiplun," said KR chief spokesperson Siddheshwar Telugu to DNA.

Doctors attended to her when the train reached Ratnagiri. The regional railway manager BB Nikam was present as well. 

Konkan Railways detached the coach from the train so that the toilet could be cut so as to rescue Rabina.

"It was difficult because the leg got firmly stuck as the commode's circumference was almost the size of her leg. We had to cut the metal very carefully without causing any physical harm to her," an official said.

The passengers from the coach were accommodated in a different train.

Rabina, who was rescued around 12.30 pm, did not sustain serious injuries. She had a swelling in her leg that was treated at the local civil hospital.