For the past week, netizens have been curiously waiting for the 400 metre-long, 2.20 lakh tonne container ship, blocking the crucial trade route of Suez Canal. More than the massive container ship itself, people couldn't help but notice the lone digger trying to excavate the area where the ship was stuck in order to help it re-float.

Besides the fact that the Evergreen's Ever Given container ship single-handedly disrupted the world trade, but the role of the Komatsu excavator didn't go unnoticed. Soon, the lone digger became a viral meme, and people applauding the efforts of the excavator. But it also showed how tough of a task it would be to free the 1300 foot container ship blocking an entire water route. Nevertheless, it looks like the Komatsu excavator's efforts paid off and the Ever Given ship is merrily off to the sea. Of course, there were other efforts by large tugboats, but it was the digger that dominated the headlines.

Suez Canal

Komatsu excavator facts

The Komatsu excavator might look like a miniature in front of the massive container ship in Suez Canal, but it is a powerful machine. While it remains unknown why only one excavator was assigned for the task, one logical explanation would be the narrow area where the digging was taking place.

It might have been a lone digger, but its consistent efforts to dislodge the stuck ship contributed to the task immensely. Here's a look at the Komatsu excavator, which freed the Ever Given container ship, resuming the world maritime trade once again.

Massive container ship blocking Suez Canal is bad enough; rescue excavator is a joke [watch]

Komatsu is a Japanese conglomerate that manufactures construction, mining, forestry and military equipment. It is also the world's second-largest manufacture of construction and mining equipment after Caterpillar.

Komatsu excavators come in three sizes, small, mid-size and large with an operating weight of 25,000 lbs, 70,000 lbs and 260,000 lbs, respectively. These machines have six working modes and offer excellent lifting capabilities as well as precise bucket movements.

Komatsu excavator is Suez Canal hero
Komatsu excavator is Suez Canal hero
Komatsu excavator is Suez Canal hero