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Run over by a speeding school bus, left unattended for nearly half an hour and photographed by people passing by. In a shocking case of indifference towards an accident victim, 28-year-old Afsa Khatoon died on her way to the hospital in the City of Joy.

The deceased's family feels that had someone reached out to help her in time, she might have lived. Afsa is survived by her husband and four children, reports The Times of India.

The incident occurred when Afsa was run over by a 'speeding' school bus after dropping off her daughters Haasha and Aksha to Pratt Memorial School. No one stopped to help.

Eventually the neighbours arrived on the scene and took Afsa to Chittaranjan National Medical College, where her brother Mohd Sazam Siddiqui claims that she was not treated in time. "Emergency ward doctors told my brother (a medical student at NRS) that Afsa gave her name and her husband's telephone number before losing consciousness. My brother found that even basic treatment had not started," said Siddiqui.

There was another shocking revelation along the way; not a single witness was willing to come forward even though there was a ration shop only five metres away from the site of the accident.

Afsa's husband runs a popular glass business on Ripon Street. "She had promised to come back and feed her newborn," said an inconsolable Siddiqui.

The driver of the school bus involved in the accident is absconding even though the police have detained the helper.