The tallest Durga idol in Kolkata that lured several hundred visitors from across the country also led to a stampede in Deshapriya Park in the city.

After at least 11 people were injured, the police shut down the exhibition to the public indefinitely.

"The crowds are unprecedented. The organisers have not taken the steps they were supposed to," NDTV quoted the police chief as saying.

Police Commissioner Surajit Kar Purokayasta also blamed the puja organisers for not putting up the requisite infrastructure and going in for  "peculiar media hype that created unwanted attention of the people.", PTI reported.

According to reports. traffic was disrupted and even metro services were affected in the incident. However, the organisers, Deshapriya Park Puja Association, said they had taken all pracautionary measures.

The 88-foot-tall statue,  created by artist Mintu Pal and over 40 artists, is made of fibre glass and cement. Mintu Pal is renowned for building several gigantic statues including a 62-foot idol of godess Durga in Kolkata in 2011 and a 250-foot-tall Buddha statue, which is the tallest in China.

However, the enormous Durga idol will have a life of just five days. Unlike other statues, the goddess idol will not be immersed due to its huge size, but instead will be broken down after the festival, reports said.