A screenshot of the senior ISIS leader said to be the Emir of Kobane - Abd al-Hadi Mohamed,who also goes by the name of Abu Hamza Al-Tabqawi.
A screenshot of the senior ISIS leader said to be the Emir of Kobane - Abd al-Hadi Mohamed,who also goes by the name of Abu Hamza Al-Tabqawi trapped in a hole inside Kobane.YouTube

A video that shows Kurdish fighters rescuing a senior ISIS commander -- an Emir injured and trapped in a hole inside a building in Kobane -- has gone viral.

Despite the inhuman acts in the city of Kobane, the ISIS militant was not only rescued but also taken to a hospital by the Kurdish fighters currently battling the invading ISIS terrorists.

In Kobane (also spelled Kobani) the Kurdish fighters have been resisting the ISIS for over 50 days, during which the ISIS fighters have beheaded and brutally killed several Kurdish soldiers, including women.

The three-minute video reportedly was shot following the clashes between the ISIS and the Kurdish fighters in the Eastern side of Kobane.

The Kurdish fighters shot the video claiming that their act was aimed at showing the world the real difference between the Daesh (a reference to ISIS) and the Kurdish fighters.

The video was shot by a group of Kurdish fighters, known as the Northern Sun's brigade, which is allied with the Free Syrian Army.

The video starts with the cameraman asking Northern Sun brigade commander Abu Layla, "Why are you saving you enemy?"

To this, Layla replies: "We want to show the world the difference between Daesh and us. We might have enemies, but are not the enemies of humanity."

Then pointing to the ISIS 'Emir', who reportedly got trapped under a hole in a building that collapsed during the fighting inside Kobane, the Kurdish fighters says: "We are rescuing a human being, as you see here."

The Kurdish fighter then pulls up the man by his long hair, while his body is completely buried in the debris and says "He belongs to the ISIS, which is fighting us. We are not going to treat him the way they have treated us. We are going to rescue him and take him to hospital."

"They (ISIS) came to our land to kill us. But we will treat him well," the Kurdish fighter says.

"You have been fooled by al-Baghdadi," he adds.

The ISIS fighter is then asked how his conscience responds to this 'kind' treatment. "They fooled me and left me behind and you are saving me, May God bless you," says the senior ISIS commander.

When asked if noticed the difference between them and ISIS, the Emir responds, "Yes, a big difference."

Reports claim that the man captured by the Kurdish fighters in Kobani is Abd al-Hadi Ubeyd Mohamed, who also goes by the name of Abu Hamza Al-Tabqawi -- a senior ISIS commander.

He reportedly is said to be an Emir, which is a high-ranking position among the ranks of Islamic State.

Another video clip taken after the rescue operation shows the ISIS wounded fighter resting inside a truck, while pretending to be sleeping as he is mocked by the Kurdish fighters.

The exact date of the incident is not known and so is his present situation.