Clive Owen as Dr. Thackery
Clive Owen as Dr. ThackeryFB / The Knick

Fans are eagerly waiting to hear news regarding next season of Cinemax' drama series, "The Knick." Though there have been not much information revealed, it seems that Clive Owen's character of Dr. John Thackery will return in the second season.

In Season 2 finale, Dr. Thackery tried to operate on his own wounds. However, something went wrong and he succumbed to his wounds. Even though it was indicated that he is dead, it was never confirmed as at the end of the episode, Thackery was still alive, though barely.

Dr. Thackery is the protagonist of the series, and in his absence the story is unimaginable. Besides, Season 2 might lose a lot of fans if Thackery is not there as he is one of the most popular characters of "The Knick."

Hence, it is crucial that Dr. Thackery returns to the Knickerbocker Hospital and takes command of the operations there. Otherwise, there is a significant possibility that the viewers might lose interest in the show eventually.

It seems that the show runners are also aware of it and that explains the mysterious ending of "The Knick" Season 2. Though both Owen and director Steve Soderbergh have been tight-lipped on it, there must be some plans for Dr. Thackery's revival.

However, the new season might introduce an entirely different story as Soderbergh has hinted that he might not return to direct a third season.

As reported by Cinema Blend, Soderbergh said: "I told them that I'm going to do the first two years and then we are going to break out the story for seasons 3 and 4 and try and find a filmmaker or filmmakers to do this the way that I did. This is how we want to do this so that every two years, whoever comes on, has the freedom to create their universe."

Soderbergh also said that other details regarding "The Knick" Season 3, including air date, new cast and season's synopsis, will be revealed soon.