The season finale episode titled "This Is All We Are" of "The Knick" Season 2 ended with an unexpected and shocking conclusion, as the protagonist of the show, Dr John Thackery (Clive Owen), seemingly died while undergoing surgery.

In an interview with Variety, Steven Soderbergh, executive producer of the show, has said he is actively exploring the possibilities of future seasons and story.

"It was always conceived in two-year chunks," he said, "The writers met yesterday to talk about what year three and four would look like — when would it take place, who are the characters. We always imagined every two years we would annihilate what came before and start over. And that's what we're doing now."

Soderbergh said he wants the show to continue as there is still a lot of story and incidents to explore. He said the network is waiting to hear from him once he comes up with a definite plan.

"I would like to keep going. I always thought of it as a six-year thing if we were allowed to continue. I hope we can figure it out. I hope we come up with something that I look at it and go, OK, I want to spend another two years of my life on that. Because that's really the question. It's an intense experience — rewarding, but I want to make sure we want to keep the bar at the same height or higher," he said.

Soderbergh also hinted that the show's star, Clive Owen, might return for the third season, assuming it happens. He said the door is open for his possible return. "I don't know yet," Soderbergh said, "There's been a lot of discussion about if we switch time periods can we still bring back the cast but have them play other people. Everything's on the table," he said.

Whether the show returns for another season will be confirmed soon by the channel or the creators.