In the latest episode of "The Knick" titled "Not Well at All," it seems that Gallinger and his wife's relationship will take a surprising turn.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Thackery attempts a new cure in the inebriation ward while Brockhurst demands his "girls" be returned.

Gallinger and his wife's relationship and Bertie's relationship with Genevieve go off in surprising directions. Later, Cornelia shows evidence of the company's wrongdoing to Henry and Barrow's marriage troubles come to a head. Thackery performs plastic surgery on Abby.

In the previous episode titled "Williams and Walker," Thackery devised a surgery that appeared to successfully separate the conjoined twins, and had Henry Robertson document the three-hour surgery on his motion picture camera.

Genevieve was permitted into the surgery as a reporter, and she eagerly took the notes. Thackery visited the grave of the girl on whom he botched the blood transfusion, revealing that he personally paid for a large, ornate headstone for her.

Cornelia discovered that her father's shipyard had been paying off guards to allow diseased immigrants into the country, rather than spend the extra money to return them to their home country.

Cornelia was confronted by Hobart Showalter, who purchased back his mother's earrings, which Cornelia had sold. Hobart proceeded to berate her for not making Henry happy, finishing his rant with, "you should be pregnant."

The hospital staff attended a ball, where Mrs. Barrow introduced Williams and Walker, a vaudeville comedy act featuring two men in black-face making fun of "coons."

This angered Opal Edwards, who confronted the Robertsons. During a surgery performed by Dr. Edwards, Gallinger switched bottles of the drug Curare, a muscle relaxer.

Algernon injected the patient, who nearly died as Gallinger rushes from the audience to save him, knowing exactly how to do so. Edwards did not realize this, and was crushed by the failure, and being upstaged by Gallinger. He cried as Opal comforts him.