Rahul Gandhi, who addressed farmers during the kisaan padyatra in Uttar Pradesh, was welcomed by controversial Congress MLA Imran Masood, who was jailed in March 2014 for his hate speech against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections last year, Masood was jailed after delivering a hate speech in which he threatened to chop Modi off.

"We are 4% in Gujarat, but here our population is 42%," India.com quoted Masood as saying. "I will chop him off if he tries to experiment with his Gujarat model in UP."

The BJP has reportedly slammed the Congress vice-president for getting close to the controversial politician and sought his stand on Masood's hate speech.

Meanwhile, during his speech at the padyatra, Rahul Gandhi said the Congress stands with farmers while Modi was busy flying abroad. He took another dig at the PM, asking where his promised the "achhe din" have gone.