Anucharan's "Kirumi" hit screens on Friday, 25 September. It is a thriller featuring Kathir, Reshmi Menon, Charlie, David, Dheena, Marimuthu, Yogi Babu, Tamilselvi, Thennavan and others in the cast.

Kathir (Kathir) plays the role of a carefree guy, who turns a police informer with the help of his neighbour Prabhakar (Charlie). The hero tries to strike a friendship with the cop Soundarapandian(David) and uses his new-found influence to teach a lesson to his rivals. 

Based on Kathir's suggestion, Soundarapandian raids a bar that comes under sub-inspector Mathiarasu's (Marimuthu) jurisdiction and this creates a lot of tension between the cops. Soon, Kathir becomes a victim of their rivalry.

The director has narrated a brilliant thriller with a realistic touch and tries to expose how the department works. The story is backed by brilliant performances of the key characters. Music director K impresses the viewers with his background score.

Below, we bring to you the audience response to "Kirumi":

Allaudin Posted
And its #Kirumi a perfect thriller Wrote
Kudos to @anucharan @Dir_Manikandan for a realistic and gripping script.

Prashanth Posted
#Kirumi - 3.5/5 . A very decent movie with a very practical ending. Worth a watch

Krishna kulasekaran Wrote
@ReshmiMenonK Saw #Kirumi n absolutely enjoyed the film. Stellar performance as a wife n mother to a child, bold move

Suganth Posted
#Kirumi is quite an understated and offbeat thriller with smart writing and surefooted direction. Impressive as a debut film. Do watch it

Surendhar MK Tweeted
#Kirumi is a watchable thriller with good writing and some neat performances. @K_Grooveplanet's background score was terrific.

Rajasekar Wrote
Saw #Kirumi, a decent thriller with a different ending. Good to see new filmmakers putting effort to change Tamil cinema :)