Kirill Korshikov
Kirill Korshikov

By the time when smartphones just started recording and sharing videos and social dance lovers started to create massive video content he had already perfected his line on wedding pictures and films using professional equipment, so he begun to share HQ social dance videos on a specially created Instagram channel and YouTube for his subscribers to enjoy and to feel the atmosphere of the salsa and bachata events wherever they were. Technical education helped him to set up the finest tools in order to create uniquely good content and deliver it to every addressee. That's how Social Dance TV channel started.

Today, after more than 7 years on air Social Dance TV evolved into a tool for dancers and dancing festivals to get together and for social dance fans to unite from Los Angeles to Singapore! At the head of his team Kirill initiates a powerful worldwide influence on how they dance it, how they look like and how they throw parties today. The "just dancing" video format became a huge part of dancers content flow and an easy way of people's interaction. With all the value of raw party content Kirill uses his footage to produce recaps, dance video clips and promo movies, thus connecting audience and events from both sides.

As he had been doing dancing since he was four, he knew the best way to present the dancers and events (salsa & bachata festivals) to the audience and found means to broadcast all the thrill of perceiving the fiery party firsthand. One of the important things about Kirill's dance videos is that spice of involvement: being more of a party person rather than an operator allows him to keep the filming process discreet and never let it ride over social interaction. So in front of his professional camera dancers feel free to chill naturally like nobody's watching.

Now Kirill goes for broading the supply for dance event makers and widen the world Social Dance TV map (over 36 countries on it now) in order to make the the dancing community beautiful, strong, varied and united through the videos that he creates. Still, among all the business issues filming itself (and dancing, of course) is never devolved by the founder as it remains to be his prior passion and motive because he believes it was only doing what he really loves that made him one of the most demanded dancing videographers of the world.

With all the luck and success may his stars shine brighter and brighter as the years pass by.

We wish him all the luck and good health.

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