Kiran Bedi with Anna Hazare
Kiran Bedi (L) Anna Hazare.Reuters

Kiran Bedi, former formidable police officer and active participant in the ongoing fight against corruption, chose controversial Lokpal Bill to play prank on April 1 that is celebrated as Fool's Day worldwide.

Kiran Bedi on Sunday took to Twitter in a bid to fool the netizens. She tweeted: "Breaking News! Govt amending Lokpal Bill & transferring CBI to Lokpal and offering Padma Awards for hard evidence against ministers! Jai hind"

That grabbed many retweets and attention but didn't work on majority. Bedi's prank failed to crack the nut as the people were aware of Sunday's significance.

However, in her second tweet in respect to the Lokpal, she said, "April fooool. Wish it was not!. How can several law breakers become honest law makers. Our fight will have to go on and on-."

It seems Bedi has lost her hope on government bringing the proposed Lokpal Bill and started cracking jokes on much-debated anti-corruption body. Is she trying to symbolically demonstrate that government is playing fool around the Lokpal and Team Anna? That is a debating point.

While wishing Ms Bedi a very happy April Fool's Day, we wonder how people would have responded had the government really passed the bill.