Kiran Bedi with Anna Hazare
Kiran Bedi

In a fresh rift among the members of Team Anna, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi hits back at Arvind Kejriwal for his remarks over the overstated travel bills, saying that he did not understand the matter fully.

"The only problem is that he didn't understand the issue fully... If he had more understanding of the issue, then his answer would have been different," reacting to Arvind's statement Kiran Bedi told to reports, today.

Clarifying the issue, Bedi says that her clarification on the issue was available on her website, and she mentioned that the cause of Jan Lokpal bill is more important than any other issues or persons.

Earlier, the former police officer turned social activist her Twitter wall on Friday that "Arvind (Kejriwal) has informed me that it's a spin for a purpose."

Soon after Kiran Bedi posted her reaction on her Twitter wall, Kejriwal maintained that there were no differences between Kiran Bedi with other members of the anti corruption campaign, they were all "together like a rock".

"We are all together with Kiran Bedi. (There are) no differences. Let's focus on Janlokpal and not individuals. Despite all efforts from vested interests to create a rift among us, we are all together like a rock," Indian Express quotes as Kejriwal said.

In a TV show on Friday, Kejriwal said that Kiran Bedi had submitted an inflated air ticket to reimburse her travel expenses.

"She should not have done it. She has said it will not happen again. I would not have done what Kiran Bedi did," he said.

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