Kiran Bedi
Kiran Bediwikimedia commons

Former IPS Officer Kiran Bedi was seen battling a controversy over her alleged "highly insensitive" remark on crimes against women, with citizens taking up to Twitter and posting comments regarding her stand on "small rape cases".

Bedi found herself in a spot following an outrage over her poor choice of words at Ramilila Maiden on Sunday. She lashed out at media personnel at the sidelines of the ongoing Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev's fast and said that media often sheds more light on "small rape and assaults cases" instead of covering corruption issues against state ministers. Her comment instantly drew flak and sparked a national outcry.

Bedi was trying to clarify her statement on the micro-blogging website and accused media of having a negative approach. "Of serious concern is the negative attitude of SOME sections of media. Will this ever change? If yes, how?" she wrote on her twitter wall.

She also alleged that "deliberate wrong news is being circulated to distract you from knowing what I said at Baba Ramdev's congregation. Please understand the intention".

On the furor over her baffling comment, she tweeted, "don't rush to conclusions. It's not small rapes but small officers who are hung for rape while big ones go scott free." "I have never said it. It was an ethical distraction from what I said at Baba Ramdev's congregation. Shameful indeed!" she added.

However, people were in no mood to pay heed to her clarifications. @SameerDharur, twitter user countered her allegations against media and said, "@thekiranbedi blaming media is easy. look at what you've said, and correct the words. and maybe even the attitude."

Another twitter user @Aadmiaam said, "maybe you think rape is small because like all police officers you have the same DNA?" To which, Bedi replied, saying "you getting it wrong. I did not say this. I said juniors are taken to coals for offences while big ones go home."

Bedi's main concern was that her small rape comment has overshadowed her other concerns over corruption and other serious issues that she voiced at Delhi's fast venue. "This is an unethical distraction to avoid the good points I gave at BabaRamdev's congregation," tweeted the former top-cop.

Offended by Bedi's comment, the National Commission for Women threatened to send a legal notice and sought for an immediate apology from her.