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Directors Siddique and Lal's latest Malayalam movie, "King Liar" has been released in more than 127 screens all over Kerala Saturday, April 2. The comedy entertainer, starring Dileep and Madonna Sebastian, marks the reunion of the successful director duo after 22 years.

"King Liar" is the first release in 2016 for Dileep, who is basking in the success of his previous comedy movie, "Two Countries." The 2-hour 38-minute movie, which narrates the story of a liar, is expected to have a good opening day response, owing to the popularity of the actor and the director duo. The film is the second project of actress Madonna, who had earlier won mass appreciation for her portrayal of the character Celine in the Malayalam film, "Premam".

The trailer of "King Liar" opened to positive response from viewers, and made it one of the most-anticipated films of the year. The movie also stars Lal, Asha Sarath, Joy Mathew, Siddique, Natasha Suri, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Balu Varghese, Soubin Shahir and Balachandran Chullikkad in pivotal roles.

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Alex Paul has composed the music while Deepak Dev has given the background score. Cinematography has been handled by Alby. It is a production venture of Ouseppachan Valakkuzhy, under the banner of Valakuzhi Films.

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Lensman review

King Liar is more of a Lal movie and not a Siddique Lal cinema. For those who enjoyed 2 Countries, this one is a onetime watch. Those of you hated that movie, just stay away. I would call King Liar an average Dileep movie. It isn't as bad as the Villaliveeran, Sringaravelan like movies, but it doesn't completely convince you.

Arun Vijayan

Just watched Kingliar .. 1st half is filled with comedy n watchable ..but really nothing in 2nd half ..dileep is as good as always in comedy scenes ..just a watchable flick...

neeraj nandan ‏

KingLiar a laugh riot ... enjoyed the 1st half heavily .... 2nd half triggers the graph up and down... 3/5


‪#‎KingLiar‬ is average comical entertainer !! When the returns of‪#‎SiddiqueLal‬, My expectations at sky high but it can't cross my expectations  At the first half is worth watching, with the shade of comical and romantic elements. But the second half enters into lagging and serious  Overall its a one time watchable flick it will never disappoint you  Hope that family audience will enjoy this film  But it can't compared with previous #SiddiqueLal's hits #‎Dileep‬‪#‎BaluVarghese‬ combo was superb. 3/5

Jithin Kumar

King Liar is purely a Dileep show and because of that one reason it's going to be a box office hit this holiday season. If you want to enjoy this vacation with King Liar you can book tickets, but don't expect a Siddique Lal magic. [3.5/5]

Nandagopal Thiruvambady

King Liar is a usual happy ending film with all cliches of a Dileep film. It has good humours and bad ones too. But it wont make bored. This is not upto the mark for a SIDDIQUE LAL movie. The main attractions are the costumes and the locations. Overall, KING LIAR is just one time watchable entertainer. 3/5

Arun Joseph 

KING LIAR - a better movie than two countries .. I am not going in to the story side,first half is a laugh riot except the initial 15-20 minutes which I felt boring and compare to first half second half of the movie is not up to the mark..overall it's a good entertainer and perfect mix for dileepettan on cards

Arun G Menon

KING LIAR REVIEW. There was such a hike in expectations for the reunion venture of Siddique-Lal.. Dileep Starring King Liar. And after watching the fdfs I personally felt.. This movie should be enjoyed taking off your Critics Cap, The movie completely made for family audience the movie that only ment for Kids&Homemakers who laugh out loud with the Cliche comical numbers put forwarded by Dileep.And a movie which is released in this festive season will definitely meant to satisfy a family crowd. But not a person who seriously look forward to watch something different other than Cliches on Screen, So I repeat this movie is strictly not recommended for serious film Critics who literally do a surgery with d two nd a half flick...The movie revolves around the story of Sathya who is forced to say lie for existence, his life happenings, His childhood lovestory.. Efforts, dats what this movie all about. The intro scene and the much added emotional dialogues in d climax felt a bit awkward.. But this movie never fail to entertain an average audience...So considering this festive mood you can take your family along with nd watch king liar. The movie definitely has its own drawbacks for sure but for a person who works all day nd come for a movie with family he expects pure Entertainment.. Not a Thriller.. Climax twist or a offbeat realistic story telling, and Dileep offers everything what his family audience expect from him there are N number of Cliches.. Loopholes in script.. Non bursted jokes but King Liar falls to a pure FAMILY ENTERTAINER..IL RATE 3/5


#KingLiar total fun ride bit lengthy & dragging final portions #Dileepettan @madonna_s #Siddique_Lal 3/5

Breaking movies

King LiarReview. its a perfect Dileep-tainer in all sense, he carries the film in his shoulder from start to finish with good support from Balu Varghese & Jalian KanaranHarish. Don't expect the standard of the golden film the Lal- Siddique Ismail duo used to deliver, but it certainly goes with the current trend of comedy hits in Malayalam. Songs didn't work totally, only adds to the length of the movie, which is one minus mark. the ending also could have been better. Madonna Sebastian was okay, but she should immediately fire her makeup man.So summing up, its a perfect summer vacation comedy entertainer, with very few double meaning, crass jokes. 3/5

Nishad Rahman

KING LIAR... Eventhough the 2nd half especially at the time of ending, is not so digesting...have a lot of funs n comedies... It's enjoyable...

Vimal S Nair 

Malayalam Movie #‎KING_LIAR‬ Is Better Than Two Countries!! Gud. One Time Watchable Movie! Not An Usual. Siddique-Lal Sir's Movie. Just A Good Movie. Watch Don't Miss It. My Rating 3/5.

unni ‏

just back after watching #KingLiar @madonna_s excellent performance. just rocked. as usual a festival out&out entrtnr frm Dileep. 3.5/5

Malayalam Review 

#Kingliar Wachable Entertainer Dileep Scored Again 3/5 Another Big Hit On Cards

Rahul Raj

‪#‎kingliar‬Siddiqlal is bakk wid a bang aftr 22yrz..Dileepetan rokd wid his superbcomdy timgng..Baluvargere chippd wid sme gudnumbrz..Madoona. Sidiqlal has delivrd a superb entertainr &a great msg to families. Nothng less than a blockburtr @kerala boxoffice. 4/5

Pranav Krishna 

king liar 1st half over not bad good entertainer

Akhil Vj Kannama

King liar............
Wat a movie..............
Dileep can take a 2nd victory in the this seris............
1st half fully entertained&full fill comedy with small thread of story..
Intrvl is the entry of new characters into the story............
Will 2nd half like this its a awsome entertainer movie......
Dileep gain a more......

Binesh Pavithran

Dear Siddiq Lal , watch ur old movies once again....Entertaining 1st half and less entertaining 2nd half....Dileep tried his level best to save this movie... totally felt it as a average movie.....

Jithu DI Coz 

1st half kazhinju. no raksha. pwolichaduki

balu vargheese♥


1st half polichadukkiii.......!
‪#‎DileePettan‬ Thakarthuvaariiii.....!
waiting for 2nd half