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King Bach is alive.Instagram

Reports claiming that popular Canadian-born American actor-comedian Andrew Bachelor, better known as King Bach, was killed in a car crash should not be taken seriously as it has been found to be a hoax.

He is the latest victim of the infamous celebrity death hoax.

King Bach, who has over 11.3 million followers on Vine, is dubbed as Vine's most popular celebrity. The YouTube sensation also has over 7 million people following him on the popular video sharing site. 

False reports of his death seems to have originated through a largely unreliable source - Despite this many fell for the hoax. 

Millions of fans of the online celebrity were shocked to read that the 26-year old comedian died after suffering severe neck injuries in a car crash.

The report, citing investigators, stated that King Bach was killed on the spot. It even had a quote from an eyewitness named Melissa Salguero, who said, "I was watching the drunk driver as he was driving, he was doing at least 65 on a 30 mph speed limit area, then he lost control and hit the car in the next lane."

"The crash was extremely loud and violent, people around immediately looked to help and call authorities. Little did we know it was King Bach who had got hit and killed, I know who he is because I follow him on Vine," the 'unconfirmed' eyewitness said.

The report claimed that a 54-year-old drunk driver, Gary Windham, who survived the crash, would face criminal charges for manslaughter.

With the report of his death going viral, King Bach himself took to his Instagram account to dismiss the false reports.

On Instagram, he posted an image of his fake death report with the caption: "But I just tweeted like 10 minutes ago."

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"King Bach Killed" rlly or this is just a joke?

Mikaela Burrows ‏@miki_burrows

Yepp...KingBach was killed in a carcrash n his ghost came back to tweet and post a pic on insta

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The internet fake killed King Bach he confirmed he wasn't dead but everyone's flooding his ig with R.I.P yung blood

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#KingBach the #vine Star was reportedly Killed By Drunk Driver, but it was all fake!

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Why does my group chat keep talking about @KingBach being killed by a drunk driver?!

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#KingBach DEAD after being killed by drunk driver?