Kim Yoon Ji
Singer Actress Kim Yoon Ji aka NS Yoon-G file imageGetty Images

In an exclusive with BNT, the actress talks about her transition from singer NS Yoon-G to actress Kim Yoon Ji. The actress is currently cast in "The Last Empress"

On her career transition, the actress said "I think my image to the public was rather strong and tough when I was NS Yoon-G. Now I wish to be seen in a more lovely and feminine image". The actress also said that as a trainee, she "grew every time an album released during the past seven years while performing as a singer". Though being a successful singer, she had always dreamt of becoming an actress. She said that she wanted to devote to acting before it becomes too late.

Kim Yoon Ji wrapped up filming for SBS's upcoming drama "The Last Empress". She will be seen as a junior musical actress who picks on Jang Nara's character. On her role, the actress said "I was happy to film with the talented senior actor and singer Jang Nara. I eagerly showed the fan girl side of myself during break time".

Kim said that although it was hard to play a negative character, she eventually got comfortable with her role. As the drama progresses, the actress will be seen in a negative shade, harbouring feelings of jealousy against the prime character. Her role is said to be in conflict with the female lead in the first half and add intensity to the plot.

On a lighter note, Kim Yoon Ji also discussed her ideal type saying that being 31, she had matured gracefully and looks for people who have similar thoughts and beliefs. She stated that she is not a person full of aegyo which is generally to behave cute with the use of high pitched voice and child like expressions, which was equally foreign to her like other peers.