Kim Woo Bin
Kim Woo BinInstagram/ActorKimWooBin

Kim Woo Bin's agency Sidus HQ on Sunday released a statement regarding the actor's health and revealed that the Uncontrollably Fond star has completed the first round of chemotherapy.

In May, Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and he immediately started treatment. "He has recuperated to the point that he is now able to exercise," a company official said, according to Asia One.

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Woo Bin will start his second round of chemotherapy in August.

"Drugs have improved, so there is no hair loss or any extreme physical change," the Sidus HQ official said. "But he has lost 10 kilograms and currently weighs around 60 kilograms."

Woo Bin has stayed largely away from the limelight since his diagnosis.

A few days earlier, actor Kang Ha Neul opened up about Woo Bin and said he hoped the actor makes a full recovery.

During an interview for Midnight Runners, Ha Neul said: "Maybe it's because the movie reminds me of Twenty, but I think of Kim Woo Bin a lot, even right now."

"While we were filming Twenty, I didn't know that Kim Woo Bin was fighting cancer. I learned about that after."

He continued, "I did exchange everyday messages with Kim Woo Bin like 'Careful not to catch a cold,' 'Don't get hurt during the shoot.' That's why it's even more heartbreaking. I really hope for him to get well with all my heart."

Meanwhile, the production of Woo Bin's new movie, Wiretrap, has been put on hold, and filming will only resume once The Heirs actor makes a full recovery, it was announced last month.

"Director Choi Dong Hoon received great shock from the news of Kim Woo Bin," and said he took this decision because "he prioritizes Kim Woo Bin's health recovery more than filming and is very worried, a source was quoted as saying by Soompi.