Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape with Ray J
Kim Kardashian with Ray J.Ray J Twitter Account

Kim Kardashian's sex tape with her ex-beau Ray J has become the most watched video of all times beating even Pamela Anderson's record. The 11-year-old video has surpassed the business of the latter's 1995 sex tape with Tommy Lee.

So far, it has got more than 93 million views to become the most watched celebrity sex video on the Internet.

The recent nude photoshoot of Kim Kardashian for Paper Magazine has boosted the sales of her sex tape, says TMZ.

Kim Kardashian searches on the Internet saw a 629 percent rise following her photoshoot where she went completely nude and exposed her derrière on the cover page for the Paper Magazine..

Earlier, after her marriage with Kris Humphires, the video sales shot up by about 200 percent in August 2011. It spiked again three months later when they filed for divorce. In 2013, following her engagement and the birth of North West , there was a 130 percent increase in the sales than normal.

However, the stunning 600 percent increase in the search for Kim Kardashian's video was a direct result of her nude photoshoot for the magazine. It helped her beat the record sales set by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee with their 1995 sex tape.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J's sex video, though filmed in 2003, was leaked in 2007. She had filed a case against Vivid Entertainment for leaking it and the issue was settled for $5 million. However, the ex-boyfriend has continued to make money even after the separation and Ray J is reportedly pocketing $90K every 3 months.

Kim's latest photoshoot has earned him a quick $50K in the last week.