Kim Kardashian certainly doesn't seem to care about toning down her image for social media. Even after claiming that she would try to. Her recent posts so far have been the opposite of toned down.

Her latest snaps are no different. In the snaps, Kim Kardashian can be seen posing in nothing but her underwear. The snaps are supposed to be about workout but it seems that the workout theme is merely a suggestion.

What the snaps really show are Kim Kardashian's assets and figure on full display with some gym equipment in the background. The equipment seems like it's being used as props rather for an actual workout. 

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West Instagram

In the first snap, Kim can be seen rocking leopard print bra and panties as she straddles some equipment. Her blonde locks frame her face as she gazes innocently into the camera.

While in another snap, Kim is dropping all pretense, her face is cropped from the snap, while the focus is on her assets. It looks like Kim is counting on her sexuality to boost her social media following. 

Kim Kardashian has over 171 million followers on Instagram. And despite claims to the contrary, it doesn't look like she will be toning down the sexual nature of her posts.

Kim  Kardashian
Kim KardashianInstagram

In an interview with Vulture, Kim said that she doesn't know if it's the fact that her husband had said that sometimes too sexy is just overkill and that he was not comfortable with that. But it looks like Kim doesn't care what her husband thinks, at least not from these snaps.

The reality star had even said that she herself found her own Instagram feed to be inappropriate when shown around her children. Well that feeling certainly seems to have passed. You can check out he pics here: 

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