Kim Kardashian at Met Gala
Kim Kardashian at Met GalaInstagram/Kim Kardahian

Kim Kardashian wants to conceive and she is taking precautions to get pregnant. She is also making sure that Kanye does his part, even if it means no leather pants till she conceives.

According to Hollywood Life, the reality star and the rapper are trying hard to have a second child. And since heat is known to damage sperms, she has asked her husband to do away with his favourite leather pants.

The couple have also been taking every precaution necessary, including staying away from hot tubs and sauna, and Kim seems to have taken it a level further by switching all her make-up to natural cosmetics as she believes that the chemical may harm her body and restrict it from conceiving.

"Kim and Kanye have stopped drinking alcohol and she makes sure they both get enough zinc, folic acid, calcium, and vitamins C and D. Also, Kim has outlawed hot tubs, saunas, hot baths, and really hot leather pants on Kanye since heat kills sperm," a source told the website.

Rumour had it that Kim and Kanye were expecting their second child together after months and months of tiresome sex and IVF treatments, but they're apparently still trying. And since Kanye sort of lives in his leather pants, we must say that he is making quite a bit of a sacrifice to make Kim's dream of becoming a mother come true, pretty soon.