North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un reportedly executed the country's vice premier, Choe Yong-Gon, for questioning ' the supreme leader' over a policy-related matter.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported Choe was executed by a firing squad in May, after he opposed Kim Jong-Un over a forestry related-policy issue.

An anonymous source "with knowledge of the North" told Yonhap that Kim has tightened his hold over the country, by purging any opposition. It is reported that at least 70 North Korean officials have been executed since he took over the reigns of the country from his father in 2011.

Vice Premier Choe, who was appointed in 2014, was last mentioned by the North's state media in last October. It is a sign he too has been purged. If confirmed, Choe's death would be the second high profile execution this year by the North Korean regime.

The Country's Defence minister, Hyon Yong-Chol, reportedly was executed in April by anti-aircraft fire for dozing off during a formal military rally. 

Kim Kyong Hui, the sister of Kim's father Kim Jong Il, was poisoned and killed in May last year after she "argued" with Kim Jong-Un over her husband's execution, CNN had reported.