South Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong's father recently opened up about his son's ongoing legal battle with ex-girlfriend Miss Choi.

He revealed that the family is going through a hard time ever since the 29-year-old's former lover filed an abuse case against him.

"I'm revealing this for the first time now, but because of Hyun Joong's abuse incident last year and then the pregnancy incident, we couldn't raise our faces. We haven't gone outside even once until April. We lived with one candle lit outside our house. I thought something would go wrong at that rate," he said in an interview with "Entertainment Relay", a program telecast on Korean channel KBS2.

He also revealed that the celeb's mother was really worried about him and even talked about committing suicide.

He said she wrote a letter to the actor explaining her concerns for him that read: "You came here because I didn't take proper care of you. I am largely at fault. I will leave this world first so you live on."

"I was so mad that I ripped it all. I thought, if my wife died and my child died, how could I live? I convinced her out of it. Aside from revealing what's the truth or not, I am thankful that we are alive, that we did not end up holding funerals even though we were at risk of suicide," AllKpop quoted Kim Hyun Joong's father as saying.