After several months of silence, South Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong recently opened up about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Ms Choi and her new born baby during a press conference.

Although the Korean entertainer was not physically present at the media meet, his legal representative Lee Jae Man read a letter written by the actor to the reporters.

While addressing various controversies surrounding him and his former lover, the 29-year-old indirectly hinted at the fatherhood of new born baby. The actor informed that he is willing to take the paternity test mainly because it will help him take responsibility of his child.

Joong even spoke about his feelings for the new born and said that he feels sorry as he is not able to celebrate the birth of his child and spend time with it. "I think I will live on for the rest of my life feeling sorry to the baby for not being there on the day of birth, which only happens once in a lifetime," he added.

Meanwhile, his legal representative Jae Man stated that the actor has no plans to reunite with his former lover Ms Choi. "[Kim Hyun Joong] asked me to say at the press conference today that 'Although there may be a child, there will be no getting back together with Miss Choi,'" he informed the reporters.

The legal dispute between Joong and his former lover Choi began in May 2014, after she filed an assault case against him and also cited emotional distress.

Here is the complete translation of Jonng's letter (via Allkpop):

They say that Kim Hyun Joong is refusing the paternity test, but I only heard about the expected delivery date of September 12 before enlisting and never heard about her giving birth. I saw the reports about the baby's birth and read that I was refusing the paternity test. I believe those reports came out because I wasn't saying anything.

While in the army, I have completed all the documentation and the preparation for the DNA test. I thought that the other side would contact me once September 12 comes around, and waited. The reason I want this paternity test is because that is the only way I can take any sort of legal responsibility [for the baby]. Although I want to raise the baby, as it is not something that's up to me, I'm sorry that all I can say is that I will take legal responsibility.

Even while writing this, I feel weird. It makes me feel especially weird as a person who is currently a soldier. Everyday I think about not being able to congratulate the birth of the baby like other fathers and whether the baby looks like me. I think I will live on for the rest of my life feeling sorry to the baby for not being there on the day of birth, which only happens once in a lifetime.

I question myself about whether I'm actually ready, and what I should do. My heart feels suffocated as I can only do what the court allows me to do when it comes to the custody of the child. The other side has only told me the gender of the baby, but they haven't told me about the blood type nor the hospital. They're also telling lies so that I won't be able to get close to the baby. Although I'm a lacking father, I'm going to take full responsibility. Although I want to see the baby's face and I'm very curious, as of now, I will be patient and do all that I can as a dignified father.

I sincerely ask this of you. I do not want any information regarding the baby being exposed anywhere. Although my words are lacking, I hope that you will understand. Recently I heard something nice - that even though written words may be awkward, they are able to convey more emotions than any spoken words could. I will greet you as a healthier and more matured self.