South Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong will hold a press conference on Thursday, 17 September, to address all the criticisms against him regarding his legal dispute with former lover Ms Choi and her new born baby.

"On September 17, there will be an urgent press conference in connection with the controversy surrounding Kim Hyun Joong. We'll be revealing our position on Miss Choi's baby as well as the paternity test," informed the 29-year-old's legal representative Lee Jae Man. 

The defence attorney even stated that they are waiting for the DNA test results and if the actor is proved to be the father then he will take care of the baby.

"The results of the DNA test have yet to be determined. If paternity is correct and the child is indeed his, Kim Hyung Joong will add the child's name to his family register and will pay child support," KDrama Stars quoted him as saying.

Earlier, the 29-year-old's father had also stated that if the results are positive then they will take care of the baby. "With the legal battle, we will continue to forge on without backing down. I just hope that the baby won't be hurt any more by either side," he added.

Meanwhile, Ms Choi and her legal representative Sun Jong Moon are planning to file a lawsuit against him if he denies accepting the baby.

The legal dispute between Joong and his former lover Choi began in May 2014, after she filed an assault case against him and also cited emotional distress.