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After days of anxious wait, Tovino Thomas' new movie 'Kilometers and Kilometers' had its premiere directly on Asianet on August 31, at 03.00 PM. Directed by Jeo Baby, this movie also stars India Jarvis, Joju George, Sidhartha Shiva, and Basil Joseph in other prominent roles.

The story of Josemon and his journey

In this movie, Tovino Thomas plays the role of Josemon, a young job-seeking man who hails from South Kerala. Despite having huge debts, Josemon does not want to sell his Bullet motorcycle due to emotional attachment. Things take an unexpected turn in his life when Josemon starts serving as the guide of Cathy, an American traveler.

In the initial moments of their journey, Cathy and Josemon did not develop any kind of rapport. But later, they build an emotional bonding, and this relationship changes both of their lives.

Tovino Thomas and team offer a feel-good ride

The movie offers a fresh experience to audiences in both the halves. In the first half, the film primarily tries to establish the character of Josemon, and the director succeeded in his attempt to make audiences understand who is this young man. The first half of the movie is also loaded with some fresh comic scenes featuring Joju George, Tovino and Basil Joseph.

The second half of the movie was a little emotional when compared to the first half. The film narrates the importance of human values and ends up saying that family values have a pivotal role in everyone's lives.

The film solely belongs to Tovino Thomas and India Jarvis, as both of them did full justice to their roles. The onscreen chemistry of the duo was a sheer treat to watch, and as always, Tovino did not forget to do a small liplock sequence. 

The film is rich in its technical side, and the cinematographer deserves special applause for this effort. Sooraj's songs and Sushin Shyam's music also played a crucial role in elevating the overall mood of the movie.

Final verdict: Kilometers and Kilometers is a beautiful movie from Tovino Thomas that will leave a smile on the audiences' lips when the credits start rolling.