Killzone: Shadow Fall
Killzone: Shadow Fall gets a new patch 1.09.Facebook

Killzone: Shadow Fall, the FPS video game from developers Guerilla Games has a new patch 1.09 that not only bring bug fixes, but also marks the game's first step into the clan system and adds the option of locking of 30 frames per second for single-player campaign.

The patch is currently live and adds new checkpoint saving feature and fixes the VC30 exploit bug, said developer in its official blog.

The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes. It introduces new weapons like LSR44 (hybrid assault/charge sniper rifle), OWL (hovering attack drone). When compared with its predecessors, Shadow Fall is open-ended and has a stealth-based approach. In single-player campaigns, half of the campaign is fought by the player with only OWL to give him company and only in the second half do players get an ally called Echo, who will help in taking down enemies marked by the player.

This science fiction game was a launch title for PlayStation 4 and was released on 15 November 2013.

Below are the new features that have been introduces with the Patch 1.09, complete Changelog (Killzone Blog):

  • Clans - While already available through the website, the functionality is now also implemented in-game. Players can invite clan members to a party and clantags are now also added to the player name within the game. It can be viewed in the player card, in the friendslist, etc. Players can check their friendlist by pressing touchpad or check the player card through the main menu (go to multiplayer > choose a warzone > press square > show the leaderboard & find the player you are interested in > press cross to open the player card).
  • Warzone Discoverability - The main menu of the Multiplayer has been visually changed and a top-bar has been added, from which one can browse and create new warzones. The number of recommended warzones have been expanded to 9 and the friendslist has been moved to the top-right corner. This should make it easier to discover new warzones.
  • New Warzone options: parties allowed - Players can now select the option to allow parties to join a warzone. Just go to Multiplayer > Create your warzone > go to settings with R1 > Check 'Parties Allowed' at the bottom.
  • Checkpoint saving - Additional checkpoint saving has been added to save on every revive event, giving more save points throughout the campaign.
  • Ability to lock to 30FPS in campaign mode - To guarantee a steadier framerate in the campaign mode, players can now lock their game to 30fps via the options menu.
  • VC30 exploit fixed - The exploit that let users with a VC30 equipped with the flashlight increase their range has been fixed.

Apart from the above fixes, the blog also mentions that it has made overall improvements to the game boosts performance and has removed some collision/exploits in various maps.