Killzone: Shadow Fall
Killzone: Shadow Fall slated for released on 15

Killzone: Shadow Fall, an upcoming exclusive video game for PlayStation 4 by Guerilla Games, has released a video that details the different paths that can be taken by players in the game.

The 15-minute long video of the first-person-shooter game showcases much destruction and shooting at closer range. The video starts out with direct assault on enemies. Direct assaults are loud and will include shooting, explosion, screaming. Players can also send in owl drones that will take out enemies. The owl drone can go wherever the player direct them and performs tasks. Players can scan the areas using the tactical echo where enemies are marked with an orange glow and the neutrals with green.

The game has a destructive environment allowing players to make their own way through glass walls. It also shows the Adrenaline Mode which can be used by the owl to revive players who have taken a hit. It can also be used to start a slow time mode where bullets are slowly pumped into terrorists before they raise alarms.

After the terrorists are dead, players have to free the hostages by removing the transmission equipment.

The second path is the Stealth mode wherein players can use air vents and sneak into the area. Next is the zip line approach in which players will drop in front of the terrorists.

Owl can also deploy stun blast which alllows players to knock enemies out for some time. Players can deploy the static shield that will protect them from taking a hit. They can shoot out from the shield but terrorists will not be able to do the same.

The next approach is mix of action and stealth. The owl can also hack into doors to open it for the player.

Compression from 290 GB to 40 GB

Michiel van der Leeuw, technical director at Guerrilla Games, revealed that Killzone: Shadow Fall had 290GB data before it was compressed to 40GB so it can be fitted into PlayStation 4's Blu-Ray discs.

"The bulk of it is textures. I think we're probably a lot larger than the other cross-generation games, because we have no assets that have been made to a lower spec," he said in an interview to Eurogamer.


The game is set 30 years after the events of Killzone 3. The main focus is on the battle between colonist factions, Vektans and the Helghast who have become enemies after the 30-year-long cold war.

The onus is on Lucas Kellan, member of Shadow Marshals which is a military intelligence unit, to protect the fragile peace.

Release Date

The game will release on 15 November in US and 29 November in Europe for PlayStation 4.

(YouTube Courtesy: OfficialPSMag)