Syfy's space-drama series "Killjoys" is back with the second season and the recent reports have suggested that the premiere episode titled "Dutch and the Real Girl" will be far riskier than the previous ones.

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As reported by Variety, in the second season, Dutch, John, and D'avin continue to look for whereabouts of Khlyen, Dutch's mighty former mentor. The website states that the journey might land them in trouble. However, the fans will surely be treated with more action, humour, and adventures.

The next series will also follow the key element of "plans-went-wrong" theme similar to Season 1, where some of the plans made by the team don't work in the way it is supposed to be and often those plans end up with contradictory results.

According to Tech Times, Luke Macfarlane, who portrays the character of D'avin in the series, said: "You know, I remember being very concerned about it. Oh, what are we going to do with my character? Finally, I'm in Level 6. So, I think what we can tease is that we learn a lot more about what a Level 6 is. That it's not as simple and it's not as good and evil as we originally thought. I think I'll also tease by saying it's what makes the Level 6 that becomes a big story point, the actual physical sort of makeup of a Level 6, that becomes a big clear point."

Talking about what fans can expect from Season 2, Hannah John-Kamen, who plays Dutch, said: "Well, definitely I think this season, what fans definitely need to expect is the world is a lot bigger. And we just discovered Arkyn, and with that comes really, really awesome new and exciting characters."

"Killjoy" is created by Michelle Lovretta and is produced by Temple Street Productions along with Space and Syfy.