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If you are a Killer Instinct fan, this news concerns you. The game developers have now announced the fifth fighter that's now set to join the game with Season 2 already here, called Omen, Herald of Gargos.

Omen comes as a bonus character, and is not one of the eight characters you are normally set to get with the season edition. However, at the moment, he's only available to those who bought the Season 2 pack, with Microsoft also confirming it has no plans to sell the character individually.

"His moveset has some familiar normals from Jago, some new ones, and his specials are either all-new or ones that you only the boss version of Shadow Jago used," said Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Isgreen on the game's official forums.

Isgreen even added that fans will learn more about the character next week. However, if previous characters are to be taken into consideration, you could expect a proper look at Omen the coming week with a full-fledged trailer. As far as few highlights are concerned, here's everything that's been said:

  • 3 shadow stocks
  • Shadow-powered ability to cancel any action, turn into shadow, and move a short distance in any direction
  • Multi-hitting close-range kick special
  • Powerful projectile zoning with some radical projectile options
  • A special move that burns all 3 stocks.
  • Aerial movement options
  • Slide

"Omen is one of the best zoning characters in KI... situationally. Learning to recognize the advantages his zoning tools provide and work with them is going to be challenging, but rewarding when used correctly. He can also completely change the psychological pace of the game with one very risky option," the post adds.

Stay tuned for more updates!