The New York Times magazine raised a hypothetical question of time travel on Friday, asking the readers whether they would kill baby Hitler, if they could go back into the past.

Interstingly, the graphics posted by the magazine's Twitter handle, designed to look like a toy rattle, shows that 42% of the readers wanted the little Fuhrer dead.

However, 30% of them said 'No' while the rest of them were 'Not Sure' about killing baby Hitler.

"I thought more people would say they would," the magazine editor Jake Silverstein told CNNMoney. "It's a fun way to get a little more sense of who our readers are."

"I think that in recalling the slate of questions, that this is definitely the most ethically provocative of them," he added.

By Friday evening, Baby Hitler was trending on Twitter and several memes started coming out.

Here are some of the interesting comments from the Twitterati: