Vishal Kotian (left) and Kiku Sharda
Vishal Kotian (left) and Kiku Sharda in Akbar BirbalTwitter

Vishal Kotian and Kiku Sharda are best known for their on-screen chemistry in comedy show Akbar-Birbal.

However, it looks like all is not well between the two actors and the reason is said to be their upcoming show Partners. According to the Times of India, Vishal has accused Kiku of his ouster from the new show.

Vishal said that The Kapil Sharma Show actor has used his stardom to throw him out of Partners. He narrated how Kiku was insecure about his screen time and convinced the makers to shift the focus to his character.

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"We (Vishal and Kiku) were supposed to play the two main characters on the show, but suddenly, Kiku started finding flaws with it. He wanted the action in the show to be toned down so that he gets to do all the comedy and the other actor doesn't get much screen time. In fact, he even got six writers and presented a different script to the channel suggesting they change the title of the show and the focus be only on him. The channel, however, declined the request as they had already marketed the show with the title 'Partners'. Then, he suggested that they get an actor who wasn't as beefed up as me as it was no longer an action-comedy. He has also got another director to shoot his scenes. I didn't expect him to be insecure about me," Vishal told the daily.

Vishal further said that when he confronted Kiku, the latter denied getting him ousted.

Kiku Sharda, The Kapil Sharma Show
Kiku ShardaKiku Sharda/Instagram

Denying his involvement in the matter, Kiku said that he doesn't have the sole authority to replace him and that it was the collective decision of the makers and him.

Kiku said: "The decision was taken collectively by the channel, producer, the director and me. So, he can point fingers at whoever he wants to. There are various reasons for replacing him and I wouldn't like to comment on the details. Comedy will be our priority, but we are not doing away with action and viewers will see the new actor, Vipul Roy, perform action on the show. Also, TV has certain limitations when exploring the action genre, which looks more grand on the big screen. Certain things, including the concept, were not working out. They needed to be looked into for the betterment of the show."