Ravi Teja and Rakul Preet Singh starrer Telugu movie "Kick 2" has been successful in impressing the film critics, who have praised Surender Reddy for his wonderful direction in the movie.

Surender Reddy won many hearts with his ability to blend mass elements nicely in "Kick". Having tasted success, he is back with a sequel to the hit movie and he has followed the same formula here too. The director has nicely balanced the action and entertainment quotient in the film, say the critics.

The first half of "Kick 2" is high on the entertainment quotient, but the dragging narration in the second half kills the interest of the audience. The movie has wonderful performances by actors and glossy production values, say the critics, who have rated the film an average of 2.75 out of 5 stars. Continue to read 'Kick 2' review round-up:

The Hindu

There are a few bright spots that get drowned in the constant need to sound smart. The decibel levels remain high throughout the film, from dialogue rendition to songs and background score. And no matter how unconventional the screenplay pretends to be, ultimately it boils down to the hero single-handedly taking on the high handedness of an oppressive village head (Ravi Kishan as Suleiman Thakur).

123telugu Ratings: 3.25

Kick 2 is yet another mass Ravi Teja film which has entertainment and emotions in equal doses. But lack of basic entertainment in the second half let's down the film to an extent. However, a hilarious first half, beautiful songs and Ravi Teja's strong screen presence in the film over shadow these flaws and decently entertain you with its emotional content.

AP Today Ratings: 2.75

Surendar Reddy is largely successful in designing few hilarious comic blocks but falters with the Screenplay. After an entertaining First Half, The film gets dragged a bit in the latter half and it's here audience felt enough discomfort to brand the film as an Average entertainer. Emotional Quotient in the story mayn't appeal to a larger section of viewers. On a whole, 'Kick 2' is a one-time watchable movie.

Gulte Ratings: 3

First half is entertaining in parts. Surender Reddy tried to make it an out and out entertainer by treating it in lighter tone. Vilaspur episodes are neither entertaining nor emotional. Few good scenes towards the end come as a welcome relief but that is not enough for the movie to raise above the mediocrity. Kick 2 will disappoint Kick fans but may seem average if you keep your expectations in check.

Bollywood Life Ratings: 3

Baahubali=Grand. Srimanthudu=Simplicity. Kick 2= Unabashed craziness. Ravi Teja's latest flick is a 'leave your brains at home' entertainer that is high on fun factor. Kick 2 defies logic, defies physics and is ten times over the top than a Rohit Shetty film. But it is amazingly entertaining too. Watch it just to add some masti to your mundane day to day routine.

Telugu Mirchi Rating: 3

The good blend of romance with great comedy track and action sequences will give great kick to the audience. Kick 2's COMFORT is something which will surely boost you and give you enough kick this weekend. Ravi Teja and Rakul Preet's action packed comedy entertainer will just blow you away. Don't miss it.

AP Herald Ratings: 1.5 

Kick 2 leaps out a bit from the success and smartness of the Kick 1, in the sense that it fails to live up to the ingenuity or freshness of its original. There are countless no. of considerably worse commercial films one could point to, but that doesn't change the fact that, while Kick was a breath of fresh air, rightly exalted for its interesting new perspective and competent execution, the sequel is an sterile, snail paced second-rate offer at best. Even with no expectations and if your idea of entertainment is some senseless comic acts, even then you will be completely disappointed with this sequel.