Out of the many actresses that have gained fame over the years, Kiara Advani has been one of them. However, unlike various other fledgeling artistes, Kiara Advani didn't have to struggle with finances. But it would be quite wrong to deny that she had put in her effort in the art as an actor to bring in perfection to her character.

However, since she owned a residence in South Bombay, (a hub where usually most Bollywood stars live) Kiara Advani had easier access to cinema than her contemporaries and needn't had to worry about paying the rent. 

Kiara Advani in Guilty
Kiara Advani in GuiltyTwitter

A few days before Isha Ambani's wedding, the actress had posted photos of her childhood pictures with Isha Ambani, daughter of business tycoon Mukesh Ambani, where she congratulated Isha on her wedding.

'No one sees layers and depth beneath the person'

Through that post, many came to know that unlike various other outsiders, Kiara Advani had connections with influential families from the Hindi film industry and other tycoons. In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, Kiara confirmed that being friends with the heiress of India does not make her the heiress herself. 

kiara Isha
kiara Isha

"I think today with social media, everyone knows everything about you. So when you talk about anything you are just judged. Social media is also something a part of who you are, no one sees the layer and the depths beneath that person.

If I put up a picture with a school friend of mine, who happens to be one of....an the heiress of the country, and if I say that I have struggled, they say that how dare she, she is friends with Isha Ambani. I'm like but so what, I'm not her. that has nothing to do with my work life, that has nothing to do with what I go through on a daily basis," she said. 

In the interview, she confessed that she comes from a family of privileges, and being family friends with Salman Khan open doors, but it's hard work which keeps us adhered. 

"Ummm, I don't know how much it helps I think maybe there's a feeling of security, sure I can meet people initially when I joined when Fugly was my first film. Because I knew Salman sir, I didn't have a management team at that time. I got a chance to meet a particular agency, who also handles his work. But that didn't translate into my next couple of films. So in terms of work, it can open the doors, but I don't think it can get you a film. I don't even think that being a star kid can get you a film because....its a business at the end of the day," said Kiara.