Khushbu Sundar
Khushbu Sundar. Pictured: Khushbu SundarTwitter/khushsundar

Khushbu Sundar, who returned to acting with Agnyaathavaasi, has won the hearts of the viewers and critics. Her performance in Pawan Kalyan's flick has been appreciated by people, who watched the flick.

Her character is of a serious nature in Agnyaathavaasi. Khushbu Sundar is be seen as Indrani, the wife of late businessman Bhargav, and stepmother of Abhisikth Bhargav played by Pawan Kalyan. The 47-year old makes a good impression although she has a limited role in the flick.

Critics have pointed out that she brings the required intensity to her character and mouths a few powerful lines in Agnyaathavaasi. The scene in which the actress talks about her personal losses has been mentioned by a reviewer from Hindustan Times.

The critic wrote, "This is the most intense bit in the film, and not because it is loud. The scene managed to be impressive because of Khusbu's skills as an actor."

Hailing her performance, the reviewer from NewsX said, "Khushbu plays a small, important role in the film and makes a mark with her sombre, serious character."

The fans of the actress have showered praise over her performance and readers can find the tweets below:

Hassan Aman‏ @HassanAmanpe

So good to see you in big screen after 10 years @khushsundar ma'am. You mesmerized us with your performance. Expected the arrogance but you have given dynamic grace with heart felt feelings. Simply awesome.

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#Agnyaathavaasi : It's #PSPK show all the way.. His screen presence, comedy & action scenes r the major highlights.. @KeerthyOfficial looks great.. She makes a good pair with #PSPK.. Among the supportin cast, @khushsundar makes a gud impression.. Ani songs r gud.. Watch it 4 PSPK

Vamsi Gondala‏ @GondalaVamsi

@khushsundar mam, your screen presence is awesome!!! A good comback to TFI..
#Agnyaathavaasi #AgnyaathavaasiEuphoria

ßaivîñay‏ @Ksaivinay2

@khushsundar wt a come back mam...... u r role in the film is awesome.... u r legend mam ...... agnathavasi is awesome....

Ravi‏ @valarowthu

@khushsundar #Agnyaathavaasi you got meaty role and u did fantabulous. Interval scene dialogues and climax scene dialogues uttered by you.