Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian with their mother Kris Jenner.Reuters

While their father Robert Kardashian was taking his last breath, his daughters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe chose to party, rather than spend time with their dying father, according to their stepmom Ellen Pearson Kardashian.

Ellen, who married Robert just two months before his death, made these claims in a court document filed in Los Angeles, and obtained by Radar Online.

"The Kardashian children rarely visited Robert once he began cancer treatment… At the moment Robert took his last breath, none of his children were by his side, opting instead to attend a party at Kourtney's home," Ellen stated, according to Radar Online.

Ellen also noted in the court document that the only one who helped her take care of ailing Robert, who died in 2003 at the age of 59, was her daughter, Aprill Lallo.

Ellen and her step children have been entangled in a legal feud for a long time now. While the Kardashians are suing her for tens of thousands of dollars for allegedly selling their belongings for personal gains, Ellen has accused her step-children of defaming and intentionally inflicting emotional distress, among other things.

Talking about their stepmom, Khloe recently said in her deposition that she and her siblings did not want their father to marry Ellen.

''We just didn't feel like she was a good fit for my dad. They would fight a lot, and they would break up all the time.

"[Were we all on the same page?] That they should not be getting married, yes," Khloe said. 

Meanwhile, the Kardashians, who are all active on social networking platforms, have not reacted to Ellen's allegations. But, various media outlets are already speculating on whether Ellen's statement is true.

"Well, does this really surprise anyone? That the Kardashian sisters would choose a party over a family member? If it does, you clearly don't know enough about the Kardashian family," a Celeb Dirty Laundry report read.