Khloe Kardashian
Television personality Khloe Kardashian arrives at the 2014 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in West Hollywood, California March 2, 2014.Reuters

Reports have it that Khloe Kardashian might have finally ended her relationship with French Montana after news of his alleged cheating ways and hardcore partying became too much for the youngest Kardashian sister to bear.

Sources close to the reality show star has been spilling details about her relationship with the rapper to the media, and they report that Khloe is almost done with Montana.

"She's starting to wake up," a source told Us Weekly, according to Mail Online. Khloe's cryptic messages on her social networking sites are also said to be an indication that all's not well in her relationship with Montana.

Khloe recently posted a photo from her Thailand trip with the comment, "Depend on no one," and many feel that it's a message directed at Montana.

Reportedly, the Kardashian clan is relived that Khloe is thinking of ending it with Montana, as they believe Khloe should focus on being single. Khloe started dating Montana soon after filing for divorce from her husband Lamar Odom, and her family feels that she shouldn't rush into yet another relationship, as it could only end in heartbreak.

And now, Khloe is said to be disgusted that Montana has allegedly cheated on her. In the past few months, multiple reports have claimed that Montana has been seen getting a little too close for comfort with strange women.

As reported earlier, he also tried to hook up with a budding journalist who wanted to interview him.

Interestingly, Khloe was warned off about pursuing a relationship with Montana by his estranged wife Deen Kharbouch.

"She has to be careful," Kharbouch told Life & Style in April. "Things are not what they seem."
"He and I worked together to put him where he is. As soon as he popped, it was as if Kruz [their son] and I didn't exist," she said. "He practically abandoned us. Sometimes we won't hear from him for two or three months."

However, she added that he does pay child support. "He was forced to do so," Kharbouch said. "I had to go to court for that."

At the time, it was reported that although Khloe's family wants her to move on in life, they do not want it to be with a man who has ditched his wife and son.

"The whole family is worried," a friend of Khloé's told Life & Style. "They think she's headed down the same path she did with Lamar."