Rocking Star Yash has extended his helping hand to the needy people of Sandalwood. He has pledged to donate Rs 5000 each to the 3000+ members of various departments in the Kannada film industry.


Rocky Bhai's Statement
The KGF star announced the news on his Twitter account on Tuesday, 1 June. It means Yash will be donating over Rs 1.5 crore to help the people from his fraternity. "Covid 19 has proved to be an invisible enemy that has dismantled the livelihoods of innumerable people across our country. My own Kannada Film fraternity has been badly affected as well. In light of the grave times we five in, To each of the 3000 odd members which includes all the 21 departments of our film fraternity I will be donating from my earnings, a sum of Rs 5000 to their personal accounts.

While I am very well aware that this may not serve as a solution to the loss and the pains caused by the situation we are in, its a ray of hope, since it's HOPE that is certainty of faith, Faith of better times."


Uppi and Kiccha's Help
Many Sandalwood stars have extended help to the poor workers from the film industry. Real Star Upendra extended his helping hand not only people from Sandalwood, but also to auto drivers and daily-wage workers who have been hit by the lockdown. Many celebrities like B Saroja Devi and Pawan Wodeyar joined him to do their bit. 

Sudeep has also done his bit to the cause by helping the needy, especially senior actors from Sandalwood.

Since March 2020, the film-related activities have almost come to a standstill due to Covid-19 crisis. Although the lockdown was lifted step-by-step towards the end of 2020, it came to effect last month again due to the coronavirus second wave.

Hence, the livelihood of daily-wage workers in film industry have been affected.

Coming back to Yash, his KGF: Chapter 2 was scheduled for release on 17 July, but it is likely to be delayed.