Kevin Spacey, Chief Whip and protagonist, in Netflix's House of Cards

Kevin Spacey was previously charged for allegedly groping a young man at a Nantucket bar but now the charges against him have reportedly been dropped as the person who accused him pleaded the fifth on the stand. Now that the wind seems to be clear around Spacey, fans are wondering whether he will ever return for Netflix's House of Cards season 7?

The sexual case against Kevin Spacey:

After the Weinstein effect took place in the Hollywood, which media named #MeToo movement, actor Anthony Rapp alleged that Kevin Spacey reportedly made a sexual advance toward him when the former was only 14 years old. Following which, fifteen others came forward alleging the similar case including several high-profile experts.

Things, however, took a different turn recently when the alleged victim used his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in a July 8 pre-trial hearing.

Does this mean the Kevin Spacey has nothing to worry about? Well, as per a legal expert, Spacey is not free as of now as "The fact that the prosecution... has decided not to go forward in no way says that Kevin Spacey... has been exonerated," via CBSNews.

Will Kevin Spacey be back as Frank Underwood?

Amid all the sexual allegations, filming of Netflix's House of Cards season 6 was suspended for a while. There were reports back then that someone on the crew shared a complaint about a specific remark and gesture made by the lead star of the acclaimed political drama. It was around the same time when Netflix went on to cut all ties with the actor and shortened their last and final season from 13 episodes to eight.

But things became complicated for everyone when Kevin Spacey uploaded a bizarre video on YouTube in December 2018. In the YouTube video entitled "Let Me Be Frank," Spacey played the role of Frank Underwood and it felt like he was denying the real-life allegations that were made against him. The unsettling video ended with a note that made many to believe that Kevin Spacey will reportedly be back as Frank Underwood in House of Cards

That being said, the acclaimed political thriller drama has already ended and there are no reports from Netflix to ever renew it for a brand new season. As the story of the Underwood family ended with season 6, chances of Kevin Spacey to ever play Frank Underwood are close to none.