Kevin Pietersen
“Chelsea is my team,” says Kevin Pietersen.IPL-BCCI

 Kevin Pietersen, the former England cricket skipper currently captaining the Delhi Daredevils team in the IPL, has said that he roots for Chelsea FC in the English Premier League.

Sacked by the ECB recently after a dismal Ashes tour to England, Pietersen also said that he is good friends with popular Chelsea athletes Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and John Terry.

"Chelsea is my team," Pietersen said at an event in Delhi. "I am good friends with many players in Chelsea, including Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and John Terry. I live in Chelsea and train there too. I also underwent rehabilitation in Chelsea when I had my Achilles tendon injury."

The South Africa born English cricketer was at the Ambedkar Stadium to announce the names of two children out of the six that will be selected from India as the Adidas FIFA Fairplay Flag Bearers. They will all have a chance to go to Sao Paulo to see a World Cup pre-quarterfinal match.

Chelsea are third in the points table with 78 points while Manchester City and Liverpool stand first and second with 80 points each. With only two rounds of matches to go, it is unlikely that Chelsea will emerge at the top.

"It is going to be difficult for Chelsea," the 33-year-old said. "With Manchester City winning 3-2 against Everton last night, they lead the standings and are favourites for the title. But Chelsea have already said they are targeting the title next year. You can't win every year."

Speaking of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, the dynamic Pietersen was all praise.

"He is outstanding as a manager," Pietersen added. "He makes the players play their best in the position they are put in and makes them the best in the world too. He takes the pressure off the players."