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09.00: And finally, exit poll results hint that BJP will open their account in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency. As per surveys, Kummanam Rajasekharan will overpower Shashi Tharoor of UDF and C Divakaran of LDF and will emerge as the first ever MP of BJP in Kerala.

08.40: In Kollam too, UDF overpowered LDF in a wide margin, while in Attingal, LDF wins over UDF. Surprisingly, BJP gained 16 percent votes in Attingal, while LDF and UDF gained 42 and 39 percent votes respectively. 

08.29: In Pathanamthitta, UDF is expected to win, while BJP's K Surendran will come in the second spot. UDF is expected to triumph in the Mavelikkara constituency too. 

08.15: As per exit poll surveys, LDF is expected to win in Alappuzha constituency. Despite the negative wave that spread during election times, AM Arif will overpower Shanimol Usman in the constituency. 

07.32: Exit poll surveys reveal that UDF will win Chalakkudy, Ernakulam, Kottayam and Idukki constituencies. 

07.30: Mathrubhumi news exit poll survey claims that UDF's TN Prathapan will win the election in the Thrissur constituency. Celebrated candidate of BJP Suresh Gopi will improve BJP's status in Thrissur by grabbing 23 percent votes. 

07.19: Alathur is a constituency where LDF and UDF fought vigorously to win the contest. Mathrubhumi exit poll survey reveals that Remya Haridas of UDF will defeat PK Biju of CPI(M). It should be noted that Alathur was one of the sure shot seats of CPI(M), and Remya's triumph in the constituency comes as a real surprise. As per the exit poll, Remya Haridas will rack up 48 percent votes, while PK Biju will get only 37 percent votes. 

07.15: However, the exit poll conducted by News18-IPSOS reveals that LDF will win 11-13 seats in Kerala, while UDF will get 7-9 seats.

07.09: Times Now survey reveals that UDF led by the Indian National Congress will grab 15 seats in Kerala, while LDF will manage to get only 4 seats. The exit poll conducted by the National channel claims that BJP will get one seat from Kerala. 

07.05: As expected MB Rajesh of CPI(M) grabs the Palakkad seat with style. As per the Mathrubhumi survey, BJP's Krishna Kumar will come in the second spot overpowering Indian National Congress. 

06.59: UDF triumphs in both Malappuram and Ponnani, as per Mathrubhumi exit poll survey.

06.52: In Kozhikode, LDF wins their first seat in Malabar, but in a margin of just one percent. Mathrubhumi News reveals that A Pradeep Kumar will win the election with 42 percent votes, while UDF's MK Raghavan will get 41 percent.

In the meantime, India Today-Axis survey reveals that UDF will win 15-16 seats in Kerala, while LDF will only get 3-4 seats. The exit poll also adds that NDA may open their first ever seat in Kerala in this election. 

06.51: Stay tuned to know the winner in Kozhikode constituency. 

06.44: Indian National Congress grabs its fourth seat from North Kerala. Mathrubhumi News exit poll reveals that Rahul Gandhi will win the Wayanad constituency with 51 percent vote share. Thushar Vellappally of NDA will miserably fail the elections as he will grab only 12 percent votes. 

06.41: In Vadakara, CPI(M)'s PK Jayarajan will fail miserably to K Muraleedharan of Indian National Congress. Mathrubhumi News exit poll reveals that Jayarajan will get only 42 percent votes while Muraleedharan will successfully procure 47 percent. 

06.38: K Sudhakaran of UDF is expected to win the Kannur constituency, as per Mathrubhumi News exit poll. The news channel reveals that Sudhakaran will claim 43 percent votes from the constituency, while PK Sreemathy of CPI(M) will lose the contest after grabbing 41 percent votes. 

06.30: Mathrubhumi exit poll reveals that Rajmohan Unnithan of Indian National Congress will win the Kasargode constituency. As per Mathrubhumi exit poll, Rajmohan Unnithan will get 46 percent vote share in the elections, while the main opponent Satheesh Chandran of LDF will get only 33 percent votes.   

The Lok Sabha election has reached its end as the final and seventh phase of the polls concluded on Sunday, May 19. The much-anticipated vote counting will be carried out on May 23 to determine the fate of Narendra Modi's government.

Media outlets like India Today-Axis, Times Now-CNX, NewsX-Neta, Republic Bharat-Jan Ki Baat, Republic-CVoter, ABP-CSDS and Today's Chanakya are expected to reveal their exit poll results by 6.30 pm. Regional television channels in Kerala like Asianet News, Manorama News, and Mathrubhumi News will also broadcast their exit poll results this evening.

When it comes to Kerala, the main battle is between UDF led by the Congress and LDF led by CPI(M). However, several political experts believe that BJP is expected to open their account in Kerala for the first time in history. BJP state leaders also claim that they will win in Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta and Thrissur constituencies.

An election exit poll is basically a poll of voters taken immediately after they exit the polling stations. Even though this poll will reflect the trends to some extent, exit poll results have many times gone wrong in the past. However, there are also several instances where exit poll results hit the Bull's eye. For example, in the 2014 exit poll, Today's Chanakya had predicted 291 seats for BJP, and their results turned true when the results of the election were announced.