Kerala floods 2019Twitter

As the incessant rainfall in Kerala continued for the third day, the normal lives of people came to a grinding halt. The state has witnessed severe flooding and landslides in most of the districts.

The number of causalities has increased to 46 with the people of Idukki, Wayanad and Malappuram reeling under the wrath of the torrential rains. Over 1 lakh people have been shifted to relief camps and many are still being evacuated from the flood and landslide affected areas.

Indian Army rescuing people in Kerala due to floods
Indian Army rescuing people in Kerala due to floodsTwitter

The Indian Air Force (IAF) teams are finding it difficult to conduct the search and rescue operations due to the worsening conditions in Wayanad and Malappuram districts.

Kerala floods 2019
Kerala floods 2019Twitter

An entire village at Kavalappara near Nilambur in Malappuram district was washed away due to a landslide in the area. More than 100 acres of land was washed away leaving nearly 40 homes under debris.