A Kerala woman has died after allegedly eating Kuzhimanthi, an Arabic dish similar to biriyani. According to reports, the 20-year-old woman named Anju Sreeparvathy ordered Kuzhimanthi from a hotel in Kasargode on December 31, and she was under treatment since then. 

According to local media outlets, Anju ordered Kuzhimanthi from a hotel named Romansia, and she developed food poisoning symptoms after consuming it. 

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"A case has been registered after her parents filed the complaint. The girl died early Saturday morning," police told PTI. 

The police further noted that strict actions will be taken after receiving the post-mortem report. 

Kerala's health minister Veena George has ordered a probe into the incident and has made it clear that the licence of the hotels which are accused of food poisoning, will be cancelled under the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA). 

"Directions have been issued to the Food Safety Commissioner to file a report with regard to the incident. The DMO is also looking into the incident and the treatment given to the girl," said Veena George. 

The new case of alleged food poisoning comes at a time when controversies surrounding the efficiency of the food and safety department in Kerala are burning following the death of a nurse who died after consuming food from an eatery in Kozhikode.