Stray Dog Menace
Stray Dog MenaceReuters

The stray dog menace has become one of the important issues faced by people in Kerala, and now Malayalam actor Jayasurya, who often voices his concerns on social issues, has come forward asking who must be given more value — a stray dog or a kid.

The "Pretham" actor posed some sensible questions on his social media Facebook page while sharing a news article about a four-year-old who suffered injuries on his face after being attacked by a dog in Kollam. 

"Suppose God appears before you and asks to select one from a stray dog or your kid, what would be your answer? I am sharing with you the news that was published in today's newspaper. Who has more value here? The dog or the kid? What if it was happened to a kid in our family? That exactly would be the answer to my question as we love our kids more than street dogs [translated from Malayalam]," Jayasurya wrote.

The actor further said: "Everyday we come across articles like this, but are the lawmakers doing something to help those families who have become the victims of such attacks? Are they aware of the famine and poverty they face? Are they sending any money for them? Or is providing financial aid to them the only solution? Don't we have to find a way to get rid of these issues? Why are we not doing it? Is climbing trees during such attacks the solution? Would they ask their kids why they didn't climb the tree if they are being attacked by animals?" 

"If we are to be treated as apathetic as to a street dog by lawmakers, each one of us will be left with no other option but to give it back to them in the same coin. If a proper solution is not taken on the matter, youngsters of the society will start taking decisions without considering the law,"Jayasurya concluded his Facebook post.

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